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Infinity Heroes : Idle RPG

▶ Quick and easy gameplay A simple touch a few times to the leveling hero ▶ 8 unique heroes Berserker - Stun monsters in one shot Knight - Shake the enemys camp with powerful skill Crusader - Protect your heroes with a strong shield Thief - Move quickly to the enemys back and kill them Hunter - Kill your enemies with powerful arrows Wizard - Weak body, but powerful one Shaman - Turn the tide of the battle with Resurrection skill Healer - Restore the energy of our wounded heroes Set up a party to go on a journey ▶ Are your heroes strong enough? Challenge your dungeon From easy to hell dungeons And challenge the Ranker in endless competition PVP ▶ Automatic play system for people who have no time If youre busy, turn off the game for a while. Our heroes automatically play the game And automatically picks up the equipment and collects the material

idle heroes