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With FireFans new Picks for Cash & Rewards, players can win a $20 gift card and up to $1,000 cash every month by making perfect pre-game picks in FireFan.* - There are 10 questions before the start of each game called “pre-game picks”. - Make up to 8 sets of FREE daily pre-game picks. - Make additional picks using FREE tokens, or tokens purchased in the app. - Each month when a player scores their first perfect set of 10 pre-game picks, they win a $20 gift card. - When they do this 5 times in one calendar month, they can win up to $1,000 cash Play for a chance to win a gift card every day with FireFans all-new Leaderboard All-Stars. FireFan is giving away DAILY and MONTHLY gift cards to players who claim the top spots on the leaderboards* - Every time you play FireFan, you score points by making correct pre-game or live game picks. - These points rank you on daily and monthly community FireFan Leaderboards. - Rank in the top of our Leaderboards to become a Leaderboard All-Star and score sweet rewards like gift cards, travel and more. * Gift card and cash values based on USD ticket redemption. No purchase necessary to win. See rules in FireFan for full details.

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