Best Beauty Tips for Beautiful Photos

Beauty Tips for Beautiful Photos | How to Prime Your Look

Being beautiful is a goal that many women have. I’m no exception. Most of the time we underestimate how celebrities are naturally fabulous wherever they are, and we too, want to appear effortlessly gorgeous. There is no doubt that beauty doesn’t come without some investment and hard work – but even so, without the right tips, your efforts to appear gorgeous on photos as you are in real life may be shortchanged. In this article, we’ll be discussing some beauty tips that really enhance how you look like on photos.

Know The Lighting

All different types of lighting exist for photographs, so you need to see what the lighting is going to be for the ones that you are taking. If you are going to have professional photographs taken, then you should speak with the person who is going to take them. Find out what type of lighting will be used. This will give you a hint as to whether or not you should go a bit darker with the makeup. You should also ask for tips as to how to get the most out of your photography session with the professionals.

Choose The Right Foundation

Unless you already have flawless, glowy skin, we can’t say that you will look your best in real life, much less in photos. However, you might be able to get away with it. People are not necessarily going to notice when they are far away from you. When you go into the light of photography, though, the film is going to capture everything. In the event that your makeup is too dark, you might look a little bit muddy. When it is not dark enough, your flaws may shine through or you might even look frightening!

Don’t Try Anything Too New

Of course, selecting a lovely new lipstick or fun new eyeshadow might be something that you want to do when you are getting a full face of makeup on and going out for some professional photographs. Still though, you may be better off opting for things that you know. Otherwise, you could end up with a major mess. You might have pictures that show eyeshadow that is way too dark or mascara that is dripping down your face. These are simply not attractive looks for pictures, so be sure to pay attention to all of this information.

Professional Styling Options

If you are going to take beautiful photos, you have the perfect opportunities to get your hair and makeup done. When you have been waiting quite some time for a professional makeover, the moment has finally come. You can have a professional make your hair appear the way that it always has in your dreams. With the help of a professional makeup artists, you will have the perfect look to craft a wonderful expression or to simply look like a princess. When you are looking at the photos later, you will be happy that you spent this extra money. A tip is to use keyword tools to search out professional stylists at a cheaper rate than you would expect to find on other search engines. It’s more targeted and actually more time-saving.

Your Clothing Style

Part of looking beautiful in pictures involves picking out the right clothing. You definitely need to consider the style of the pictures. Think about whether or not a formal dress would be right for you or if you should be opting for some cute and casual clothes. Your style can really be a major influence in the picture, and you want to exert a radiance over the photo. You must choose clothes that fit. Ill-fitting attire is one way to not look your best when all of the pictures have been taken of you.

Do Not Forget Your Nails

As you are preparing for the pictures, you might forget all about your nails. Now, if you are just doing headshots, this is not necessarily such a big deal. Head shots will still allow you to hide your nails in many situations. Still, getting your nails done can help you to feel beautiful all over. If your nails are going to be in the pictures, then you absolutely must have them done at the salon. Even if everything else looks perfect, you still want to make sure the whole picture is amazing by having your nails match the rest of the vibe.

When you want to look beautiful in photos, you can absolutely accomplish this with all our tips today.

Skincare Tips for Long Haul Flights

Skincare Tips for Long Haul Flights

For anyone who flies often, they know how difficult it can be to maintain a stylish look, especially after long haul flights. They end up looking like someone who has worked hard clearing the garden from Gardenscapes for the whole day and that is just unfortunate! Here are some simple to implement skincare tips for you to ace that long haul flight! Look like you’ve just walked off of a runway and not off the plane.

Tie your hair down in a scarf

First, you want to tie your hair down in a scarf. This is going to help prevent the bad hair that takes place on a long flight. You also want to use some hair powder during the flight. This is a dry shampoo that is going to help reduce oil on your scalp. It also helps with limp hair as well. All of these are desirable benefits that should go a long way in improving the look of your hair.

When you leave for the airport, make sure to have a leave-in conditioning in the hair. With the scarf wrapped around you are actually going to receive a deep conditioning treatment. This way, your hair looks fresh and beautiful when you are done with the flight. You also need a solid hairbrush with you at all times. There are smaller brushes you can keep with your carry-on, so you do not need to have a super large brush with you.

Cucumber eyepads

Make sure to bring cucumber eye pads with you. These are pre-moisturizing pads that can help reduce puffy eyes and refresh tired eyes. You can refrigerate the pads before you leave so it can last a longer period of time. You should break out these pads during one of the longer, overnight flights.

Pre-moistened makeup remover cloths is a nice way to remove makeup and keep your skin clean during a long flight. You do not want to leave your makeup in for a 16 hour flight, which is why you should go light on the makeup anyways. Of course, if you are going to meet a special someone right off of the plane, you can have some light cover on ahead of time. Of course, it is nice that your guests are not able to come directly to the gate any longer, so you can still stop off at one of the airport’s bathrooms and freshen up, before you make your way to the exit.

Cake Mascara

You probably are not going to have enough room to fill up the carry-on with liquid makeup, so you need to opt for cake mascara instead. This allow you to darken and define eyelashes. The makeup itself comes in a pressed, cake form that is mixed with a small amount of water and applied with a firm brush.

Hand Treatment

During a long flight, you might as well opt for a hand treatment. With some solid cocoa butter and cotton gloves, you can allow your hands to moisturize while you sit on the plane.

All in all, just make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Wearing a pair of sunglasses on the plane is also helpful in blocking out the sleepy look.

Beauty Sleep

Sleeping Beauty Looks Amazing For a Reason | Beauty Sleep

Night time is a critical time when it comes to improving skin health. Elevated body temperature, increased cell turnover, and hormonal changes that boost blood flow all work together to repair the skin while sleeping. While these changes naturally occur in the body, certain skincare products can be more effective when used in conjunction with the processes that occur during sleep. There are a few healthy habits that can be implemented into a bedtime routine (And you wonder why Sleeping Beauty looks so good) to assist the natural skin repair process.

Apply a Moisturizer

Due to a higher body temperature, the body loses moisture throughout the night while sleeping. This can cause skin to feel dry and as if it has aged the next morning. To combat this feeling, apply moisturizer liberally all over the body. Moisturizers that combine moisture agents with exfoliating acids offer the benefits of replenishing the skin’s moisture content while gently removing dead skin cells, leaving the skin smoother and better enabling moisturizers to penetrate deeper levels of the skin.

Cleanse Skin Nightly

When using nighttime anti-aging or skin repair products, having clean skin before applying the product enables the cream to penetrate deeper layers of the skin. Cleansing also eliminates leftover makeup, dirt, and bacteria that can cause irritation and cause breakouts. Leaving makeup on the skin overnight particularly impeded cell renewal. This can make the skin appear older because the cells that are left in tact are indeed older than they otherwise would be due to the slower turnover rate. Leaving dirt and residue on the face also eliminates the opportunity to take advantage of the increased blood flow and other processes the body experiences while sleeping for the purpose of improving skin on its own.

Using a gentle cleanser before bed can lift away dirt, makeup, and environmental debris that settles during the day. This can help pores remain tight and the skin remain smooth and free of breakouts. People should also combine nighttime cleansing with products that target their individual conditions. For example, a person with extra dry skin should definitely not skip out on a strong skincare routine by adding a moisturizer while acne prone skin should be treated with a product that minimizes the clogging of pores. Whether you are a male or female (guys, you can’t ignore cleaning your face – even when you’re playing GTA-V or clashing kingdoms in Clash Royale), you need to develop discipline to maintain even a decent “look”.

Use a Retinoid

Retinoids are derived from Vitamin A and are among the most recommended topical agents. These products help skin retain a youthful appearance; however, they are less effective when exposed to sunlight. Therefore, retinoids should be applied at bedtime for best results. Benefits of using these products include faster cell turnover and increased collagen production, which can help smooth fine lines and wrinkles and eliminate brown spots. Retinods should be used every other night at first to acclimate the skin and minimize side effects. Formulas that combine retinol with niacin are recommended.

Skincare is not limited to cleansing, moisturizing, and applying a sunblock during the day. Nighttime habits can also impact the health and appearance of the skin. Mechanisms that naturally take place in the body while sleeping at night present an opportune time to boost skin health overnight. By working with these mechanisms it is possible to not only maintain beautiful, clear, healthy skin, but to work in conjunction with these bodily processes to see drastic improvement in skin that may have issues.

On its own, the body has a remarkable self-regulating method of improving the health of its skin. While people who do not have problems with their skin may not age quickly or see a rapid decline in the health of their skin by not implementing a nighttime routine, not forming habits that support healthy skin translates to missed opportunities that the body provides to improve the condition of the skin and keep it at its best.

Revamping Your Beauty Routine

Revamping Your Beauty Routine

From cosmetics to accessories, it can be hard to change your beauty routine when you have used the same cosmetics and worn the same styles for many years. Luckily, there are some new products, technology and techniques on the market that allow you to create a stunning new look with just a little time.


Go Organic

New, organic skin care products can be the ideal way to revamp your beauty routine. Look for natural ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E and cocoa butter to keep skin soft and smooth without the chemicals that are in some beauty products. You don’t always have to invest in organic when you want to change your routine. Instead, opt for organic for the products that you use most frequently to reduce the amount of toxins absorbed by your skin on a daily basis.


Think Seasonal

If you are using the same skin care throughout the year, you will definitely want to reconsider the products that you use. Seasonal beauty care is an important way to revamp your beauty routine if you want to have flawless skin throughout the year. You should use a sunscreen in all seasons but during the winter you may also want to begin using a high quality moisturizer for your skin. Use your moisturizer directly out of the shower for maximum skin softening benefits. If you have particularly dry skin during the winter, you will want to avoid moisturizers that contain alcohol since it can cause a burning sensation and may cause skin to become drier. Instead, opt for a lotion that contains mineral oil or a natural moisturizer to boost skin elasticity and beat uncomfortable winter skin.

During the summer, you need a sunscreen that fits your lifestyle. If you spend more time outdoors, opt for an SPF 30 rather than the SPF 15 that is usually recommended. Try a moisturizer that contains a bronzing agent instead of using traditional self-tanning lotion for a golden, rather than orange, glow that won’t harm your skin the way sun does. You can also opt for a lighter moisturizer during the summer. Make sure to moisturize your face and neck with a high quality night cream to help fight aging and look your best throughout the year. If you enjoy playing computer games like subway surfers and prefer to stay indoors, then don’t put so much sunscreen, unless where you’re seated is near the window where sunlight streams in.


Rethink Cosmetics

A colorful new shade of eyeshadow, a burst of deep red lipstick or a touch of bronzer may be just enough to give you a new look at an affordable cost. Look for seasonal shades that are trendy to really revamp your beauty routine. Changing it up is the key to boosting your style. If you already have five coral colored lipsticks, opt for something new even if coral is a trending color for the season.

The application techniques that you use can also be changed up to add a new look using the same colors that you always wear. Try using eyeliner to create a cat’s eye look by sweeping the pencil up slightly at the corner, or create a full smoky eye using eyeliner and dark colored eyeshadow. One thing to remember is that you should use colors that work well with your skin tone. If you are still wearing the same color blue eyeshadow from that you wore when you were a teenager, visit a makeup technician at a local boutique to find new colors and styles to turn your cosmetics into a totally new style.


Must-Have Products

Using a basic moisturizer is always recommended but you may be missing out on some benefits if moisturizer is all that you are using. Try adding an exfoliant, or using exfoliating soap, before you shave to keep legs smoother for a much longer period of time. You will also want to exfoliate to remove dead skin cells before using a self-tanner or bronzer to ensure you get a smooth, even application.

One must-have product that everyone needs is a signature scent. Traditional perfumes are an easy option. You can also try creating your own blends using essential oils in a base of sweet almond oil and vodka or alcohol. Add the base note, middle note and top notes to create a scent that is uniquely you. With some basic steps, you can revamp your beauty routine and change the way you look and feel in minutes.

Beauty Buys and Bargains

10 Cheap-Yet-Chic Beauty Products

Look good without busting your wallet!

There are many amazing beauty products on the market that are like little treasures. Many of the cosmetics contain natural personal care ingredients of high quality. Recent innovation and scientific research support the benefits of several new plant-based ingredients. There is no need to worry about prices of organics because once you start making changes you will realize that you can use less.

Some non-organic products are also excellent and very chic. You can buy most beauty products online and have them delivered. It is a good idea to have an online interaction with a store because in many cases they will reward you with samples and/or discounts. You will also receive notification about online sales. A detailed list of 10 cheap-yet-chic beauty products is below.

Raise the Bar Soap – This skincare line is devoted to providing you with pure and natural products for healthy and beautiful skin. The bars are handmade and are a perfect blend of plant-derived oils such as Shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and cocoa butter. The oils are designed to sooth your skin. You will love to pamper yourself with a bar in the bath or shower and your skin will thank you. All of the fragrances are fantastic and will lift your spirits.

Nails inc. – These trendy, long-wearing formulations feature miniscule feather-like particles in a variety of flattering colors to create a shimmery effect on the nails. They are perfect for adding a hint of color to your spring or summer wardrobe. The feather bottle and print cap are unique and eye-catching. If you’re an avid gamer who’s addicted to Mobile Legends or Hayday, then you know your nails can be in danger of getting in the way! Be careful not to leave your nails too long or pointed, because the chafing on the keyboard can ruin them.

Stila Daydream Eye shadow Palette – The colorful compact eye shadow palette includes 22 gorgeous eye shadows that you can mix and match. You can apply a lot to create a dramatic formal look or dap a little on each lid for a casual appearance. The manufacturers were inspired by fantasy and dreams!

Roberts Borotalco Body Powder – Borotalco powder is refreshing and absorbent. It is made from pure, natural talc and a light floral scent is added. This product is ideal for after you take a bath and you can use it to freshen your bed linens and towels. You can use it instead of conventional underarm deodorant.

Sephora Collection Summer Harmony Gloss Compact – It comes with six shiny lip glosses. When you apply it your lips will shimmer because it creates super-glossy lips. There are several colors including orange, pink and red. You can use just one or blend two together. The gloss is good to wear on top of lip liner as well.

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment – Now Argan Oil is available in a drug store version. This innovative leave-in treatment absorbs quickly and restores smoothness. It also mends roughness and imparts a deep shine to the hair. The best part is it costs significantly less than its more expensive predecessors.

Fresh Fragrance Bar Scents – You can go to a bar for fragrances! This series of discontinued fragrances have been made available for decanting from urns in special boutiques. The bar is a celebration of artisanship and an acknowledgement of scent nostalgia. It offers a simple, interactive way to experiment with fragrances while reviving time-honored aromas including Cucumber Baie, Patchouli and Tobacco Caramel.

Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque –This clay mask is an excellent product for reducing the size of your pores. It cleanses your skin deeply, but does not dry it out. Simply leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse it off thoroughly. You will notice the results immediately. Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque can be used weekly and it is very reasonably priced.

Bee Lovely Hand Cream – If you have rough and dry hands you should try this product. It softens hands and helps save the bees because it contains organic honey. Another super- moisturizing ingredient is orange essential oil that nourishes the skin and lifts the spirits.

Color Burst Lip Butter – Revlon offers buttery balms in attractive shiny colors. They give you supple healthy and glowing lips. The special formula prevents chapped lips. The hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter moisturize over 150%. Each one comes in a chic, slim silver tube. The quality is equal to a more expensive department store brand.