Revamping Your Beauty Routine

Revamping Your Beauty Routine

From cosmetics to accessories, it can be hard to change your beauty routine when you have used the same cosmetics and worn the same styles for many years. Luckily, there are some new products, technology and techniques on the market that allow you to create a stunning new look with just a little time.


Go Organic

New, organic skin care products can be the ideal way to revamp your beauty routine. Look for natural ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E and cocoa butter to keep skin soft and smooth without the chemicals that are in some beauty products. You don’t always have to invest in organic when you want to change your routine. Instead, opt for organic for the products that you use most frequently to reduce the amount of toxins absorbed by your skin on a daily basis.


Think Seasonal

If you are using the same skin care throughout the year, you will definitely want to reconsider the products that you use. Seasonal beauty care is an important way to revamp your beauty routine if you want to have flawless skin throughout the year. You should use a sunscreen in all seasons but during the winter you may also want to begin using a high quality moisturizer for your skin. Use your moisturizer directly out of the shower for maximum skin softening benefits. If you have particularly dry skin during the winter, you will want to avoid moisturizers that contain alcohol since it can cause a burning sensation and may cause skin to become drier. Instead, opt for a lotion that contains mineral oil or a natural moisturizer to boost skin elasticity and beat uncomfortable winter skin.

During the summer, you need a sunscreen that fits your lifestyle. If you spend more time outdoors, opt for an SPF 30 rather than the SPF 15 that is usually recommended. Try a moisturizer that contains a bronzing agent instead of using traditional self-tanning lotion for a golden, rather than orange, glow that won’t harm your skin the way sun does. You can also opt for a lighter moisturizer during the summer. Make sure to moisturize your face and neck with a high quality night cream to help fight aging and look your best throughout the year. If you enjoy playing computer games like subway surfers and prefer to stay indoors, then don’t put so much sunscreen, unless where you’re seated is near the window where sunlight streams in.


Rethink Cosmetics

A colorful new shade of eyeshadow, a burst of deep red lipstick or a touch of bronzer may be just enough to give you a new look at an affordable cost. Look for seasonal shades that are trendy to really revamp your beauty routine. Changing it up is the key to boosting your style. If you already have five coral colored lipsticks, opt for something new even if coral is a trending color for the season.

The application techniques that you use can also be changed up to add a new look using the same colors that you always wear. Try using eyeliner to create a cat’s eye look by sweeping the pencil up slightly at the corner, or create a full smoky eye using eyeliner and dark colored eyeshadow. One thing to remember is that you should use colors that work well with your skin tone. If you are still wearing the same color blue eyeshadow from that you wore when you were a teenager, visit a makeup technician at a local boutique to find new colors and styles to turn your cosmetics into a totally new style.


Must-Have Products

Using a basic moisturizer is always recommended but you may be missing out on some benefits if moisturizer is all that you are using. Try adding an exfoliant, or using exfoliating soap, before you shave to keep legs smoother for a much longer period of time. You will also want to exfoliate to remove dead skin cells before using a self-tanner or bronzer to ensure you get a smooth, even application.

One must-have product that everyone needs is a signature scent. Traditional perfumes are an easy option. You can also try creating your own blends using essential oils in a base of sweet almond oil and vodka or alcohol. Add the base note, middle note and top notes to create a scent that is uniquely you. With some basic steps, you can revamp your beauty routine and change the way you look and feel in minutes.