Skincare Tips for Long Haul Flights

Skincare Tips for Long Haul Flights

For anyone who flies often, they know how difficult it can be to maintain a stylish look, especially after long haul flights. They end up looking like someone who has worked hard clearing the garden from Gardenscapes for the whole day and that is just unfortunate! Here are some simple to implement skincare tips for you to ace that long haul flight! Look like you’ve just walked off of a runway and not off the plane.

Tie your hair down in a scarf

First, you want to tie your hair down in a scarf. This is going to help prevent the bad hair that takes place on a long flight. You also want to use some hair powder during the flight. This is a dry shampoo that is going to help reduce oil on your scalp. It also helps with limp hair as well. All of these are desirable benefits that should go a long way in improving the look of your hair.

When you leave for the airport, make sure to have a leave-in conditioning in the hair. With the scarf wrapped around you are actually going to receive a deep conditioning treatment. This way, your hair looks fresh and beautiful when you are done with the flight. You also need a solid hairbrush with you at all times. There are smaller brushes you can keep with your carry-on, so you do not need to have a super large brush with you.

Cucumber eyepads

Make sure to bring cucumber eye pads with you. These are pre-moisturizing pads that can help reduce puffy eyes and refresh tired eyes. You can refrigerate the pads before you leave so it can last a longer period of time. You should break out these pads during one of the longer, overnight flights.

Pre-moistened makeup remover cloths is a nice way to remove makeup and keep your skin clean during a long flight. You do not want to leave your makeup in for a 16 hour flight, which is why you should go light on the makeup anyways. Of course, if you are going to meet a special someone right off of the plane, you can have some light cover on ahead of time. Of course, it is nice that your guests are not able to come directly to the gate any longer, so you can still stop off at one of the airport’s bathrooms and freshen up, before you make your way to the exit.

Cake Mascara

You probably are not going to have enough room to fill up the carry-on with liquid makeup, so you need to opt for cake mascara instead. This allow you to darken and define eyelashes. The makeup itself comes in a pressed, cake form that is mixed with a small amount of water and applied with a firm brush.

Hand Treatment

During a long flight, you might as well opt for a hand treatment. With some solid cocoa butter and cotton gloves, you can allow your hands to moisturize while you sit on the plane.

All in all, just make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Wearing a pair of sunglasses on the plane is also helpful in blocking out the sleepy look.